Spiritual Crafts

A non profit organization.

Spiritual Crafts is a non-profit organization
 We Create funding for great 'start-up' ideas.

Project 1.

We launched a new spiritual magazine in India:

 Rishikesh Now magazine

and distributed 2,000 free copies (1st and 2nd edition).
Breaking News: 3rd edition is ready to download (2018 Edition).
This is our new format - download-able and paper-free

Click the link below to get your copy on donation

And you'll get 60 pages packed full with spiritual vibes  



Project 2.

Planet Monkey

(and Planet Monkey is branching out)
 we're in the process of making our first website.
It will be 100% Monkey for Monkey lovers everywhere.
This project has been nothing but fun since it started.
(Many thanks to Spiritual Crafts for their support)
We're still growing but you can already see the early results.

Check out Planet Monkey's Store here:

Thanks to your support we're able to get the funding we need to expand
and we give 10% (from sales) to charity too (For Great Apes).

 Planet Monkey - Monkey T-Shirts and Monkey Much More 

Project No.3

Art Garage

This one is still quite fresh but we'll give you more info very soon. 
But needless to say; ... it's all about Art
...and how you can make some money selling yours :)
Get a sneak preview: 

So, that about covers it!
Have a good look around ... and ...
If you need any more info just get in touch ...
... we are happy to help.

By purchasing our unique products - you're giving us all the support we need.
   ...and if you really like what we are doing...
...why not 'donate' the price of a cup of coffee to one of our team.
Sometimes it takes only a little to make a Big difference. 

From Spiritual Crafts - Thanks again for your support !