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 Alessandro              Maki            Marco               Omkar                   Simon                   Rainer




        Ambrogio ; Europe and South America.

          Languages; Italian, Spanish, English

          Contact ;  il_fungo@msn.com  


         Cathy      ; Health and Medicine

          Languages; French, English

          Contact ;  rishikeshnow@gmail.com 


       Omkar Das ;   Photography

           Languages; English, Hindi, Spanish   

           Contact ;  omkareshwar7@hotmail.com


         Simon     Entrepreneur/ Pro Photographer

             Languages; English, (Italian)

             Contact ; no1images@aol.com

         Rainer (Sitaram Das)   ; Tai Chi Master (30 years experience)

             Languages; German, English, Dutch                   

            Contact ;    www.tai-chi-werkstatt.de