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Winter 2017

The 3rd edition of Rishikesh Now Magazine is ready. As you know, the previous editions were in hard copy and also available to download. This time we have chosen to make an online only version which can be downloaded as a PDF file (60 pages in colour). This allows the magazine to reach a larger audience without the need for recycling. Some of your old favourites are back! And new content/photo's previously unpublished. This is our best edition so far and were are sure you will enjoy it. The Download costs $2 and for this you can Download 3 copies of the magazine (so you can share with friends too). Download your copy today and let us know what you think - there are many links to our Facebook pages where you can post your Rishikesh foto's. Enjoy our ad free Vol. 3

Summer 2016

Summer is here and we have a new selection of T-Shirts for you to stay cool. Check our T-Shirt page for details.
We are always working on print solutions so we can offer you a better service - Quality Matters
 So rest assured; We are aiming to provide all our products using environmentally friendly materials. 
If you work in the industry maybe you can help us to find the best people. We are always open to new ideas.
Contact Us - Anytime !

We will be holding a photographic exhibition in Helsinki, Finland in July 2016 anyone wishing to attend will be most welcome. Please contact us for more details or visit our facebook page for updates. Members of our team will be in Europe working on various projects this spring/summer; these include a Permaculture project in Italy and many art based projects in Germany, France and Spain. We have also added Turkey to our list and will be negotiating for a retreat there too. So stay tuned and if you need more info ... drop us a line and let us know what's on your mind. Thanks.


Latest News

Donations Page: Why?

  We have added a donations page so you can take part in the things we are doing ...  and share in the results.
 this allows you to get updates on any of our projects here at Spiritual Crafts.
So if you like what you see ... you will be able to sponsor the idea and get samples too.
Thanks for your Support. 

Need something from India? ... We can get it for you !

Newly added to our range of services;

 Experience living in a spiritual community.

Yoga Teacher Training Courses (Inside Rishikesh)

Photographic opportunities in India and Worldwide.

 A chance to Tour India and the Himalaya's on a Royal Enfield (motorcyle).

Our new range of Exclusive Planet Monkey T.shirts.

 ... and a complete range of Ayurvedic Natural Medicines.

Oh .... and of course interesting photography.

As always we are indebted to you ... thanks to your donations and support and if you have any inquiries; 

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