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Being Generous

It is thanks to your donations that we are able to continue. 

So far we have raised funding to form the Magazine; 'Rishikesh Now' and have printed 2 issues to date. We are already working on Vol.3 which you will be able to download from http://www.rishikeshinfo.com. We are happy to accept your donations so that we are able to continue with this project and to make further editions of the magazine.

Project no. 2 is 'Planet Monkey'  an Educational Project for Children. Since 2011 we have been putting energy into this Project and have now a superb collection of Photographs, completed 2 books, and produced over 100 unique emroidared T-Shirts. Planet Monkey is about to go Viral and looks set to be a success. So, a big thank you to everyone for taking part.

Currently on-going, our latest Project is a Retreat Centre for Yoga, Meditation and Arts. The Centre will be in Europe and is under going renovation at this time. For this we need your help; To speed the project along we require small to medium funding. If you make a Donation the Money will be used for Building Materials such as Wood, Stone/ Cement, Paint and towards the cost of Gardening Tools for Landscaping. The building is already in place and with a 'little support' should be completed by the end of 2017. Contact us for more details on this project.  

If you make a donation (even the price of a cup of coffee), this will help us to put time an energy into all of our projects ... and if you have a project that needs funding , just let us know ... Maybe we can Help you too.

Thanks for your support so far

:) Thanks to your Donations we are able to continue to update our site and offer you a better service.

We are now project funding for Planet Monkey. Our campaign is running on;



If you would like to help either visit the GofundMe page or contact us here. Your support would be very much appreciated.Thanks, Mark 



 'There is a new way of doing things'   Want to Help ? ;)

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We are now accepting donations for Rishikesh Now Magazine. Vol.3 is ready and contains 52 pages in A4 size and is transferred as a PDF file. Visit: http://www.rishikeshinfo.com for more info.