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A non profit organization.

Being Generous

Thanks to your donations - we are able to grow. 

So far, we've raised funding to form 'Rishikesh Now' and have published 3 issues to date. Vol.3 is available to download from http://www.rishikeshinfo.com.

 The 'Planet Monkey' Project. Since 2011 we've been putting energy into this one and now have a superb collection of Photographs, 2 monkey books, as well as 100's of T-Shirts sales.

Planet Monkey is steadily going Viral so we are holding a Go Fund Me campaign to raise public awareness.

Thank you to everyone for taking part.

:) Thanks to your Donations we continue to Grow.

Now Crowd funding for Planet Monkey.

Our campaign is running on;





 'There is a new way of doing things'   Want to Help ? ;)

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