Spiritual Crafts

A non profit organization.

Spiritual Crafts is a non-profit organization
 raising funding for great 'start-up' ideas.

So far we have completed ;
2 issues of Rishikesh Now Magazine, http://www.rishikeshinfo.com

Breaking News: Vol.3 Released Nov 2017.  



 Now 'Launching'
Planet Monkey 
100% Fun for Monkey lovers everywhere.
Check out our Store: teespring.com/planet-monkey-t-shirts
 Monkey T-Shirts, Monkey Photos/Posters and Monkey Books and Monkey More ;)

By purchasing our unique products - you give the support we need.
 Though, if you like what we are doing...
...donate the price of a cup of coffee.
Sometimes; that's all it takes to make a difference 

Thanks for your support !